The Fukuchan Diaries – Next trip & latest news

Fukuchan on the top of Makiosan

After a few weeks in Germany, tomorrow begins a new journey, this time to Finland! First a birthday party near Helsinki, then we’ll spend a few days in the wild, in the cottage of our friends (many thanks an Anna-Leena & Sauli!) and go for hiking in the several national parks around. No electricity, thousands of lakes, reindeers, elks, I’m really looking forward to it! My camera is ready, stay tuned for a tale of nature in the far north!

Latest website improvements

Facebook Feed: In order for my website to catch up with the latest Facebook news, I decided (with a little help from my partners at aether creations) to create a new section who hosts the feed of my Facebook page.

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The Fukuchan Diaries: From now on, all the diary articles will be published on the website (English version) and I’ll then share them on Facebook. In this new section, you will find not only the new tales of my travels, but also all older articles, already published on Facebook. My original goal was to have them automatically shared on Facebook, but it doesn’t work….

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Photo album of the latest Kyushu trip

Photo album cover

In order to immortalize their last journey in South Japan, my parents ordered a photo album with a slide show of all pictures on Blu-ray. This product, developed in partnership with Bleu Laser, is available to all customers who booked a tour by Fukuchan Ryoko. If you want to learn more about this wonderful souvenir, come and take a look!

Front and back covertwo pages of the albump22-p23