The Fukuchan Diaries & new trip soon!

Castle of Kishiwada

The blog is dead, hail to the new blog!

Hello everybody. During all of my journeys in Japan I used to write an online diary in French: L’antre de Fukuchan.
Last autumn, I failed to do so, for different reasons: I didn’t have so many readers anymore, the blog system I used wasn’t very convenient, I had to inform about every update in Facebook and I was lazy.
Maybe it’s the right time to bury the old blog and to move on! I decided to try the Article feature of Facebook (thanks to Patrice for the information!) and called the new format “The Fukuchan Diaries”. In order to reach more potential readers, I’ll write this new blog only in English. I hope the automatic translation tool will help the others… From now on, each time I’m in Japan, I’ll sharpen my digital pen and share with you my little adventures.

Spring Trip 2016

In Fukuoka and Nagoya, the first cherry trees began to blossom a few days ago, it’s time for me to pack my bags and return to Osaka, my second home. My journey will start on April the 12th. This time, I’ll stay 5 weeks in the Kansai region. I don’t have a precise schedule yet, but here a few possible destinations: Seto Inland Sea, Biwako Lake and Japanese Alps. Stay tuned for more details soon!

The Islands of Amakusa