The Fukuchan Diaries – May Tarantino be with you, always!

Poster of The Hateful Eight

This could be a good summary for the movie program of my flight from Helsinki to Osaka. During this almost uneventful flight, I’ve seen 3 films: “Star Wars Episode 7” (maybe a little bit too “nostalgic” but really great, J.J. Abraham is the best to reboot a franchise!), “The Hunger Games” (last movie) – boring boring boring and finally “The Hateful Eight” (very brutal as usual but so exaggerated you can’t take it seriously; resumed in one word: fantastic! Tarantino is a god!).

I almost forgot, there was something special this time: on my arrival in Osaka, my suitcase wasn’t there… Instead of a blue Samsonite, a little Japanese woman was waiting for me with a typical apologizing face: I’m so sorry, but your suitcase is delayed; it will arrive with the next flight tomorrow… Grrrrrr….

After 2 more hours, I finally arrived at “Omoya”, the pension where I’ll be staying for the 2 first weeks of my journey. There, thanks to Kumiko, who left last time a “clothing survival kit”, I was able to take a shower and change my clothes.

Now I can relax, open soon the bottle of Shochû I just bought and enjoy a short evening with the others guests before falling asleep for 10 hours!

Common room at Omoya