When it comes to religion, the Japanese are very open and not at all sectarian. The two main religions, Shintoism and Buddhism, get along together extremely well. You will very often find a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine at the same place. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for inner peace or are just interested in the architecture and rituals of the Japanese religions – in both cases you will discover a fascinating aspect of Japanese life!
You can find out more on this subject in my brief introduction: Religion in Japan

All listed prices are for guided tours in a group of 6 persons on half-board.
All my tours start and end in Japan. Flight not included.


Temples and shrines galore

Immerse yourself in the heart of Japanese beliefs. You will first walk part of the 88-temple pilgrim trail in Shodoshima, the island of olives and soy sauce. Then, you will discover Izumo, the most holy site of Shintoism and its wild cliffs on the coast of the Japanese Sea. On the way back, you will stroll on huge sand dunes and visit to the biggest Castle Japans.

Duration: 12 days/11 nights
Price: from €2,100


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