Fighting the corona frustration with traveling

Hello everyone. The pandemic has still the whole world in its grasp and as millions of globe-trotters, I’m trapped in Europe and frustrated.
Due to the current situation, it won’t be possible to go to Japan at all in 2020. The whole country is still totally closed for most foreigners. Therefore, I must postpone once again the restart of Fukuchan Ryoko. Next goal: Spring 2021.

Getting restless, I try at least to travel in Europe and discovered a beautiful German region, the Palatinate. Following the meanders of the Nahe river, I explored on foot the steep hills of this paradise for hikers and wine lovers. With its vegetation and climate, this region reminds me of the south of France.
If you want to take a break from the corona daily routine, please go to my Facebook page. There, you’ll find a few pictures of my trip.

See you soon, your Fukuchan!