Trip to the holy city & spirituality reloaded in 2019

6 weeks before the start of the big Shikoku journey!
I can’t wait to be there again, admiring the wild coasts and the deep mountain landscapes of this beautiful island and tasting every day with my customers the fresh fish of the Pacific and other delicacies!
The journey starts on October the 14th with of course a full coverage on the blog and many photos!

But first, I have another small trip in the pipeline! In a few days, I’ll explore whole new horizons and travel to the disputed holy land of the Middle East, Israel/Palestine.

A German friend has been living in Jerusalem for two years, working there as social worker with Palestinian children.
With my wife and a friend, we decided to visit him and we’ll spend one week in this city full of history.
Stay tuned for my report on the blog!

Another big Fukuchan Ryoko news:
A customer just booked a 10 days trip with Fukuchan Ryoko for next spring!

As my faithful readers surely remember, on May 2018, I went with 2 German ladies on a journey to Kyoto & Nara with focus on spirituality.
Both were really delighted about their first stay in Japan.

And then, a few weeks ago, one of these ladies contacted me again and asked me to organise for her a new tour to the Kansai region, once again a spirituality journey.

At the end of March 2019, she’ll explore with me the mountain Koyasan, one of the holiest places of Japanese Buddhism, and then return to Kyoto to deepen her knowledge of Zen. I’m really looking forward to this tour!