The Fukuchan Diaries – Preparations

New camera and books

Beginning of the journey in 2 weeks. All the novels are bought, I familiarized myself with my new camera, I now just have to cure an “Easter cold” and pack the bags!

In the last few days, I fixed the schedule of the Golden Week trip. In Japan, the so called “Golden Week” applies to a period in spring (end of April, start of May) containing many public holidays. Most of the Japanese take paid time off and everywhere is really crowed… This year I can’t avoid it and will follow the human tide.

First, I will travel alone to Shôdoshima, a small island located in the Inland Sea, between Honshu and Shikoku. Among other things, this place is famous for being the first in Japan to successfully cultivate olives. I plan to hike in the mountains and visit some of the 88 temples, part of a multi-site Buddhist pilgrimage.

Then, I will catch up with my wife near Nagoya. We will explore together 2 tiny islands nearby and then go to Ise, home to the most sacred Shintô Shrine in Japan.