The Fukuchan Diaries – Lonesome Gourmet

Kodoku no Gourmet

As an appetizer to the imminent beginning of my next Kansai trip, let me introduce to you my absolute favourite “gastronomic TV series”, Kodoku no Gurume (= Lonesome Gourmet).
This show tells the story of a man, Goro Inogashira, traveling across Japan for business, but his real passion is eating, trying new restaurants and local dishes. Each episode has the same structure: After a short introduction of the place he’s visiting for business, Goro-san becomes suddenly very hungry. Then he stops everything he was doing, even work, and begins to search a place for lunch. Once he finds it, he orders huge amount of delicious food and enjoys it all by himself, with cool voice-over comments of all the tasting.
I really love this programme, everything looks so good! And after seeing it I’m so hungry I could eat alone a whole raw tuna fish! Here a small video teaser of an episode who plays in Himakajima, one of the islands I will visit at the beginning of May with my wife. Enjoy: Kodoku no Gurume.