Springtime breeze on the arts

Fukuchan Ryoko News

After a few months work, all trips of my website are now revamped and up-to-date! After Spirituality and Gastronomy, I worked on the last 2 themes, Handicraft and Graphic arts.

Wooden panel in Takayama

More than any other country in the world, Japan has developed handicraft to a real form of art. Each crafted object is a symbol of commitment and patience, beauty and aesthetic. Come and explore with me the various aspects of Japanese craftsmanship, between gold leaves and razor-sharp knives, roof tiles and kimono belts.

At the heart of Japan’s handcrafted soul, a 13 days/12 nights stay, from €2,500.

Gegenokitaro train

Graphic arts are an essential part of the Japanese soul. They take various forms and are not limited to manga and anime. Unlike the usual manga related tours focused only on Tokyo, my offer is a journey in the heart of the archipelago, in the home regions of famous mangaka. You will discover not only artists little known to the west, but also immerse yourself in the Japanese habits and customs.

In the footsteps of manga artists, a 12 days/11 nights stay, from €2,410.