Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Stages: Ôsaka (KIX) – Ôsaka – Kishiwada – Ôsaka (KIX)

Day 1 – Appetiser


  • You are welcomed at Ôsaka airport by your English-speaking tour guide (or in Ôsaka if you are already there)
  • Stroll through the city’s largest shopping arcade
  • Lunch: the best curry in Ôsaka
  • Evening meal near the traditional guest house/hotel where you will stay throughout the tour
  • Overnight stay at the traditional guest house/hotel

Day 2 – Immerse your taste buds


  • Visit to the Kuromon-Ichiba indoor market
  • Stroll through the touristic centre of Ôsaka, between Nipponbashi and Nanba
  • Journey to Tsutenkaku and lunch at a restaurant famous for its fugu dishes (pufferfish)
  • Postprandial walk through the temple district of Shitenôji
  • Evening meal at an izakaya

Day 3 – Tour of flavours


  • Foray into an old traditional district of south Ôsaka
  • Lunch at a kissaten (Japanese tearoom/coffee shop)
  • Visit to a wagashi-ya (maker of Japanese confectionery) including sampling
  • Evening meal at a traditional restaurant famous for its sushi/sashimi

Day 4 – Fill up with calamari, Buddha & Astro Boy


  • Early start – visit to a fish market
  • Then, journey to Takarazuka, city in the northern part of Ôsaka
  • There you can choose between visiting religious sites or the museum of the famous manga artist Osamu Tezuka
  • Lunch: popular specialities consisting of Ôsaka okonomiyaki (a kind of pizza with cabbage and meat/calamari) or takoyaki (ball-shaped snack filled with diced octopus)
  • Visit to a district renowned for its small restaurants and craftsmen
  • Evening meal in the centre of Ôsaka, in a Nabe restaurant (meat/fish stew)

Day 5 – Fiery food and sharp knives


  • Visit to the Korean district near Tsuruhashi
  • Spicy lunch at a local restaurant
  • Journey to Sakai, a port south of Ôsaka, with a longstanding tradition of manufacturing firearms and quality knives. Visit to a knife workshop
  • Evening meal at a yakitori restaurant

Day 6 – A touch of Scotland in the heart of the mountains, delicacies of the sea and tapas


  • Visit to the Yamazaki whisky distillery between Ôsaka and Kyoto
  • Short trek in the mountains around
  • Lunch at a seafood restaurant
  • Evening meal: Kushikatsu (delicious Japanese dish of skewered meat, seafood or vegetables) at an izakaya

Day 7 – Culinary trip to China, postprandial walk and rice wine


  • Journey to Kôbe
  • Tour of the city and European district
  • Lunch in the Chinese district
  • Trek into the Rokko mountain range
  • Stroll through an ancient merchant district and visit to a sake brewery
  • Return to Ôsaka
  • Evening meal near the guest house/hotel

Days 8 & 9 – Journey to the south and culinary farewell


  • Journey to Kishiwada, former fortress city south from Ôsaka
  • Visit to the castle, historical jewel of the city
  • Evening meal at a traditional sushi restaurant in the middle of a zen garden
  • Overnight stay at an hotel in center of Kishiwada
  • Journey to the KIX airport
  • Return flight (not included in the tour)
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