icone-7The 3 sacred mountains of Kumano

Duration: 3 days/3 nights
Stages: Ise – Shingu – Cape Shiono – Yunomine Onsen

Day 1 – Ise – Kumano (Shingu)
  • Journey from Ise to Shingu at the foot of the sacred Kumano-Sanzan mountain range
  • Visit to the 1st shrine, Hayatama-Taisha
  • Evening meal and overnight stay at a traditional guest house/hotel
Day 2 –Shingu – Cape Shiono – Shingu
  • Journey from Shingu to Cape Shiono
  • Stroll around the cape as far as the island of Oshima
  • On the return journey, visit to the 2nd sacred shrine, Nachi-Taisha
  • Evening meal and overnight stay at the same location as the previous day
Day 3 – Shingu – Hongu-Taisha – Yunomine Onsen
  • Journey from Shingu to the 3rd sacred shrine, Hongu-Taisha
  • Journey to the thermal spa village of Yunomine Onsen
  • Relaxation in the soothing waters
  • Evening meal and overnight stay at a traditional guest house/hotel


Difficulty Level

Important information

  • I offer typically tours during the spring (15.03 to 31.05) and autumn (30.09 to 30.11). I do not travel to Japan during the summer because it’s too hot and rainy. I have also decided not to offer tours during the winter – traditional Japanese houses do not have central heating and I don’t want my customers to freeze.
  • The difficulty level is calculated for active travellers who are physically fit and enjoy walking/hiking.
  • For more detailed information about the Japanese accommodation system as well as further peculiarities unique to the “Land of the Rising Sun”, please refer to our brochure Tips for Travellers to Japan.
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