icn_escapadeIn the realm of olives, typhoons and the giant ficus

Duration: 12 days/11 nights
Stages: Kishiwada – Hiwasa – Muroto – Kochi – Iya – Shodoshima – Himeji – Ôsaka

Nature, spirituality and city of revolutionaries

Explore the Pacific coast of Shikoku and immerse yourself in nature and spirituality along the 88-temple pilgrim trail. Marvel at the turtles and “cape of storms” and sample the delicious regional specialities. You will then visit Kochi, the home of the Japanese revolutionaries and the cultural centre of Shikoku.

Exile in nature – the mysterious Iya Valley

During the course of its history, Japan has seen many civil wars. The losers were banished to remote areas, e.g. the Iya Valley. In this green paradise you will discover breathtaking scenery, cross the liana bridge of the exiled dignitaries and hike to the sacred Mount Tsurugi.

Taster trip to the Inland Sea of Japan – Shodoshima and Himeji

Goodbye Shikoku! Hello Shodoshima! This island is famous for its lush vegetation and local products. After a walk along the “Angel Road”, you will visit the factory of the soy sauce manufacturer Marukin-Shoyu, the Olive Park as well as the spectacular gorge of Kankakei. You then return to the main island of Honshu where in Himeji you will visit Japan’s largest castle.


Difficulty Level

Important information

  • I offer typically tours during the spring (15.03 to 31.05) and autumn (30.09 to 30.11). I do not travel to Japan during the summer because it’s too hot and rainy. I have also decided not to offer tours during the winter – traditional Japanese houses do not have central heating and I don’t want my customers to freeze.
  • The difficulty level is calculated for active travellers who are physically fit and enjoy walking/hiking.
  • For more detailed information about the Japanese accommodation system as well as further peculiarities unique to the “Land of the Rising Sun”, please refer to our brochure Tips for Travellers to Japan.
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A few photos, however, has been taken from Wikipedia Commons. They are titled “Wikipedia” and are subject to the licence CC BY-SA 3.0.
Owners of the rights: Himeji castle © Bernard Gagnon

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