Custom made trip to Japan

As a country, Japan is so large and varied that each person can be seeking something really different.

If your goal is to discover a particular area (Kansai, Shikoku, …) or a special aspect of the Japanese culture (like the gastronomy or spirituality), tell me what you want and I will create for you a custom-made trip you will never forget. If you plan to go on a short trip (less than a month), it is important to make a focus.

In fact, you will not be able to discover everything Japan has to offer in a single journey. Is it your first time in Japan? Then, I will be your advisor and guide you in order to ensure the success of your first experience.

Are you a regular guest of the Japanese archipelago? Then I will help you discover places you would never have suspected the existence.

Take a look at our “A la carte” tours, it will give you plenty of new ideas for a personalized trip to Japan.