icone-15Blossoming landscapes, sacred trails and magical baths

Duration: 12 days/11 nights
Stages: Ôsaka (KIX) – Yoshino – Ise – Shingu – Yunomine Onsen – Ryujin Onsen – Koya-san – Kishiwada – Ôsaka (KIX)

Yoshino – the epitome of cherry blossom

Mount Yoshino in the Nara Prefecture is one of the best known places to experience the spring-time beauty of cherry trees. It is home to almost 30,000 trees, planted at different altitudes so that the blossoming period lasts longer. Start your tour with leisurely strolls beneath the blossoming trees.

Ise – the most sacred Shinto site

The Grand Shrine of Ise on the Shima peninsula is the most sacred shrine in Japan. Every year it receives millions of tourists and pilgrims – some even come on foot from Ôsaka (140 km) to gather here. It is surrounded by many other sacred and historical sites such as the Meoto Iwa Rocks and the Heian period imperial residence. Discover this place of devotion and maritime beauty.

Kumano and Koya-san – thermal relaxation between 2 religions

Then follow the pilgrim trail between Ise and Kumano-Sanzan, another sacred Shinto site. Between visits to two shrines, take time to relax in the many hot springs of the Kumano mountains. To round off this spiritual tour, switch religion and explore the 117 temples of Koya, the sacred Buddhist chain of mountains.



Difficulty Level

Important information

  • I offer typically tours during the spring (15.03 to 31.05) and autumn (30.09 to 30.11). I do not travel to Japan during the summer because it’s too hot and rainy. I have also decided not to offer tours during the winter – traditional Japanese houses do not have central heating and I don’t want my customers to freeze.
  • The difficulty level is calculated for active travellers who are physically fit and enjoy walking/hiking.
  • For more detailed information about the Japanese accommodation system as well as further peculiarities unique to the “Land of the Rising Sun”, please refer to our brochure Tips for Travellers to Japan.
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