In Japan, most handcraft trades are regarded as an art form. Although the shortage of new apprentices threatens the survival of entire trades, Japanese handcraft is thankfully still very much alive and offers products of outstanding quality and fineness. Kimonos, fans, origamis and katanas represent just a tiny part of Japanese handcraft. It encompasses a multitude of very specialised professions, all of which are really fascinating!

All listed prices are for guided tours in a group of 6 persons, on half-board.
All my tours start and end in Japan. Flight not included.


icone-32At the heart of Japan’s hand-crafted soul

The art of creating useful yet beautiful products with your own hands and always in harmony with nature – this is the epitome of Japanese handcraft. Let’s leave our throwaway society for a while and embark on a tour to discover a refined aesthetic that nevertheless remains firmly rooted in everyday life.

Duration: 13 days/12 nights
Price: from €2,350


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