News, future plans & detour to the Green Haven

During the last few months, I surely neglected Fukuchan. Mea Culpa!
A few reasons (excuses…): Too many translations, a broken foot and a bit of laziness.

Otherwise, I’ll fly as usual to Osaka at the endĀ of the month and stay there for 5 weeks. Hopefully the typhoon season will be over then…
No big journey is planned yet, but between day trips to deepen my knowledge of the Kansai region (and its cuisine!) and working on new content for Fukuchan Ryoko, I’ll devote with my wife much time to an important task: find a house! Indeed, in the not too far future, we plan to live in Japan. More information in November!

In between, I plan to write on my blog a full report of another trip, my first journey to Ireland. It was a wonderful experience and I really fell in love with this green poetic haven. Today, I’ll post a few pictures of our stay in Facebook, as a teaser for the soon to be published diary!