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I have used the experience gained during my own travels through Japan to create unusual tours to unusual destinations.
I have tested all of these routes, slept in the selected guest houses and tried the meals they offer.

All listed prices are for guided tours in a group of 6 persons, on half-board.
All my tours start and end in Japan. Flight not included.



Shikoku (literally translated: “four provinces”) is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. Spiritual centre, former hideaway of disgraced dignitaries and home of Japan’s most famous revolutionary, Ryoma Sakamoto, without whom modern Japan would never have existed – Shikoku is a magical place! It is the perfect destination for lovers of untamed nature, history-steeped locations and delicious local products.

icn_programmeShikoku express

A few days are enough to fall in love with this multifaceted island. Feast like a king and discover the surfers’ paradise, the Japanese “cape of storms” and the southern home of Japan’s Che Guevara.

Duration: 6 days/5 nights
Price: from €1,200


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icn_fleurShikoku’s Revolutionary Soul

Wild coasts, mysterious mountains, pilgrim trails and charismatic revolutionaries: Shikoku is one of Japan’s hidden treasures. Immerse yourself in a green oasis, discover the turbulent history of the island and enjoy the delicious specialities of the region.

Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Price: from €1,850


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Kyushu (literally translated: “nine provinces”) is the southernmost of Japan’s main islands. Due to its proximity to the Korean peninsula, Kyushu has over the centuries frequently been influenced by Asia and Europe. It hosts numerous volcanoes and is therefore a true paradise for hikers and fans of hot springs. History and culture enthusiasts will also have plenty to see and enjoy as today’s Japanese civilisation has its roots on Kyushu.

Off to the south!

Your exploration of Kyushu starts here! Wild seascapes, urban volcanoes and sacred thermal mountains – let this fascinating island enchant you.

Duration: 13 days/12 nights
Price: from €2,500


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This region is the cultural, historical and industrial heart of Japan. It hosts the cities of Ôsaka, Kobe and Kyoto that form a dense metropolitan complex similar to London but has about twice as many inhabitants. Kyoto is a must for anyone visiting the “Land of the Rising Sun” for the first time – a gigantic open-air museum and a timeless witness to Japan’s past. However, the former capital is just one of the many fascinating places of Kansai. Discover other aspects of this region, from urban treasures to sacred mountains.

icone-1The hidden treasures of Kansai

According to the travel guides, Kyoto is the cultural and historical pearl that you should definitely visit, whereas Ôsaka is the ugly duckling that you should definitely avoid… Forget about stereotypes like these – I’ll show you these 2 cities in a completely different light. Come with me on a tour of discovery!

Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Price: from €1,600


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The Chubu region (literally translated: “central region”) is in the heart of Honshû, the biggest of the four main islands of Japan. Situated between Kantô in the north-east (region around Tokyo/Yokohama) and Kansai (region around Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe) in the south-west, its range extends to both coasts (sea of Japan and Pacific ocean), separated by the Japanese Alps. Cultural and historical hotspot, Chubu is a natural paradise between mountain and see, attractive for the hiking freaks as well as for the surfing aficionados.


icn_programmeChubu no Tabi

Explore the handicraft world in Kanazawa, discover all the secrets of wasabi deep in th Japanese Alps while tasting Hida’s beef specialties, admire the Fuji from the Pacific Coast while enjoying plenty of fresh fishes and seafood. All of this and much more is “Chubu no Tabi” (strolling through the heart of Chubu).

Duration: 12 days/11 nights
Price: from €2,650


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