Back in Japan – finally!!!

For New Year’s greetings, I frankly missed the boat, but I can partly make up for it by wishing you all a Happy Easter 2022 😉!

In these uncertain times full of viruses and crazy dictators, I will finally be able to make all the travellers in need of distant horizons dream again from the land of the rising sun!

Indeed, after two and a half years of “lockdown” in Europe, I will fly with my wife to Osaka in less than two weeks and enjoy the beautiful Japanese life for two months.

Unfortunately, Japan still does not allow tourists to enter the country, so my tour operator business remains in hibernation. During my stay, I’ll make progress on our real estate purchase project, and start the reorganization of Fukuchan Ryoko to be able to relaunch my offer from Osaka in the future and of course explore new corners of Kansai.

See you soon for the start of this Japanese “reboot”!