A new hope: Waiting for the Fall

Hello everyone. 6 months has passed since my last update. In the meantime, everything changed, for the whole world.
This first half-year was very gloomy, pessimistic.
Even though the corona crisis is not over yet, as the Monty Python say, I want to look on the bright side of life!
I want to be optimistic and at least in Europe and Japan, the corona situation is slowly getting better.
From today (July 1st) on, the EU lifts restrictions on travel from Japan and 13 others countries.

With this good news, I hope it will be very soon possible to travel again to Japan without a 14 days quarantine.
I plan to return to Osaka during the autumn season (probably in November) and to resume my tours at the same time. I will keep informed!

Until then, stay safe and keep smiling!