Japanese Spring Break


In Germany, the winter is making a final leap, but spring is almost there! The flowers can’t wait to bloom and I can’t wait to return to Japan! After 3 very busy and boring months, I’ll leave my translator desk behind, pack again and fly away 😎.
In one week, on March the 20th, I’m flying from Frankfurt to Nagoya.

Upon arrival, I’ll first go on a short relaxing journey in the heart of the Chubu region. This area, in the middle of Honshu, Japan’s main island, has many facets.
Tôkai, on the Pacific side, is very industrial, home to big old companies like Toyota and Yamaha.
Kôshin’etsu, the mountain side, is part of the Japanese Alps. There, everything is wild and traditional, a paradise for wanderers!
The last part, Hokuriku, lies on the Sea of Japan coastline and is famous for its handicraft and it’s harsh winter with meters of snow.

This time, I’ll explore 2 new cities in the Tôkai and Kôshin’etstu regions, focusing as always on food (of course!), handicraft and hiking.
Then, after 3 days, I’ll travel to Osaka and make the last preparations for the customer trip, which will begin on March the 26th and last for 10 days.

Stay tuned for a full report live from Japan!